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Do I need to use a certain ink company's ink?

Do I need to fill the cartridges that go into the dispenser?

Do I need to clean the valve on the bottom of the cartridge?

How much ink is left in the cartridge when it is empty?

Can I reuse the EcoFlow™ cartridges after they are empty?

Can I use EcoFlow™ cartridges on my fountain filling system?

What is the capacity of the EcoFlow™ cartridges?

What are the maintenance requirements?

Who sells GFI's dispensing systems?

How long does it take to dispense a color?

What's the smallest batch I can make?

How large of a batch can I make?

Can I create and save a new formula?

How do I get the main formulas into the dispenser?

Can I modify formulas in the software?

What is the warranty on the dispenser?

Do I need a temperature controlled environment for my dispenser?

How do we get trained?

Does the dispenser warn me when ink in a cartridges is low?

Who services the dispensers if there is a problem?

What happens when I need ink service?

Does the software track my inventory?