Whether your need is for paste or flexo ink, AccuBlend dispensers deliver just-in-time spot color in the exact amounts required.

For just-in-time spot color

An AccuBlend dispenser means no more waiting for ink deliveries. For rush jobs, for schedule changes, for client changes, you make the ink when you need it.

For ending over-ordering

No more ordering 80 pounds of ink for a 60 pound job, or 10 pounds when you only need six.

For reducing inventory

Not only will you eliminate excess ink from over-ordering, AccuBlend software lets you blend existing inventory into new spot colors. And at the same time, clean up your shop.

For perfect color matching

With accuracy to +/- 0.001 lb. for every ingredient it dispenses, AccuBlend guarantees color repeatability.

Over 500 GFI dispensers in the field

They're producing just the right amount of just-in-time spot color ink for printers.

Turn your old inventory into new spot color

You'll re-coup the money you spent on that ink and clean up your shop at the same time.